Here’s What You Need To Buy In Case Of A Second Shutdown

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Well, it happened. The Coronavirus has made another comeback. It’s something we all hoped wouldn’t happen, but here we are. In fact, I am currently sitting at home with it myself. And it is HORRIBLE.

Shutdowns are starting to pop up again, with good reason. So it is important to be sure you have what you need to stay home this time, and not be caught without toilet paper again.

Instead of waiting for the panic and hoarding to begin, here are the items you should start stocking up on now to prepare:

Toilet Paper

For some reason, toilet paper is the hot commodity yet again. I almost ran out the last time there was a huge hoarding of it. So it’s safe to say you should start grabbing an extra pack when you go to the store.

Just don’t be a jerk and hoard it all.

Disinfectant Spray and Wipes

With the spread of the virus seeming so much more rapid these days, keeping your house and belongings sanitized is more important than ever. They have been continuously in low supply since the beginning of 2020, so getting your hands on any is definitely something you should strive for.

Hand Sanitizer

More than ever, it’s important to have hand sanitizer on hand. If anyone leaves the house for errands or work, they can bring the slightest bit of the virus home with them, infecting your house. That’s how it happened with me. How I wish we would have used it more.

Hand Soap

Another necessity is hand soap. Keep your hands consistently washed within the home can help stop the spread as well. Keeping it available at every sink at all times is a necessity.

Canned Goods

It is always important to have canned goods on hands in order to always have food available in your home with a longer shelf life. Canned goods can last for years, making it an easy tool to stock up on during these hard times.

Overall, it is safe to say that a second lockdown is inevitable. Getting what you need to keep your family safe is as important as ever. So stock up, and stay safe.

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