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You Can Get A Color Changing Stitch Lamp and I Need It In My Life

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Calling all Stitch fans! I found something for you and it is brilliant! A great way to light up your nights!


This Stitch light is so cute! I mean, who doesn’t love Stitch? It’s perfect for all ages! It would be a great nightlight for kids and adults!


It even can change colors with a simple touch or with the remote! You can also adjust the brightness with the dimming function on the remote. Perfect!


You can have it set to Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Purple, or White! You can use it with 3 AA batteries or you can plug it into the wall.

Since you can use it with batteries you can take it outdoors with you! Set it on the patio table, or use it in a tent!


You get a cool bonus with this too! A mini USB Stitch lamp! You can plug it right into your computers USB port!


I can think of several friends (both adults and children), that I could give this as a gift to.


This Stitch lamp is SUPER affordable too! Remember, you get 2 lamps, the full-sized one, and the bonus mini. You can get your own Stitch LED lamps on Amazon for only $17.98! Yep, 2 lamps, less than $20 and so cool!


If you need a Stitch that you can cuddle too, you need to check out the new Stitch doll from Build-A-Bear! We have all of the details on how you can order your own Stitch from Build-A-Bear!

You’ll want to hurry if you want to get in on that, they can sell out super fast! Especially when you consider how popular Stitch is! Speaking of which, who is your favorite Disney character?


If you are looking for more color changing lamp ideas, be sure to check out this galaxy moon lamp! I got one as a gift today and I am overjoyed! It is just like they said it would be!


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