You Can Get A Galaxy Moon Lamp For The Person Who Loves Space

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I love everything that has to do with the galaxy! I love staring at the night sky and I love galaxy art! That is why I think this galaxy lamp is so stunning!


It is incredibly detailed! The surface is rough and helps make it look more realistic. It also has a stand to keep it stable. It would look awesome in a bedroom!

With just one lamp you can get 16 colors! It has a remote so that you can adjust and even use it as a light show where the colors change and morph into another.


It doesn’t get hot! So no worries about pets or children touching it and burning themselves. I think I could just stare at it for hours! It’s so beautiful!


It works on a rechargeable battery or you can plug it in. It takes about 2 hours to charge it and then you can run it for 10 hours. I love that it has both options!


It’s created using NASA satellite images! So you can not get much more realistic than that right? I think I could use this for some amazing photoshoots as well!


I would love to have one of these. I think it would be so relaxing to have at night while listening to some relaxing music! I reset my body every night for sleep by listening to binaural beats. This would pair so good with them!


You can get your own from Galaxy Moon Lamps from Amazon. They will cost you around $25.00 depending on which one you choose. Shipping is free too!

Do you know someone that would love one of these?

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