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People On TikTok Are Making Tiny Chocolate Chip Cookies Into Cereal And I Want Some Now

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If there’s one sweet that makes it difficult to eat healthy, it’s chocolate chip cookies.

Especially my mom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe, it’s beyond exquisite and I’m not just saying so because I’m her daughter! One bite of my mom’s cookies will change the way you bake them; although, it is a secret recipe…


Whether you like your cookies with a crunch or gooey on the inside, this is my new breakfast go-to.


Thanks to Justin Schuble, who was inspired to make chocolate chip cookie cereal after Sydney Melhoff created pancake cereal; Schuble got to work and shared his recipe with the rest of us on social media.

Starting with your cookie dough, cut the dough lengthwise and crosswise. Next, roll your cookie dough into tiny shaped balls, flatten slightly and place them on a cookie sheet; wait 7 minutes on 350 degree heat and you’re finished!

Schuble even places an extra chocolate chip on every cookie before it hits the oven to make the final product look prettier, how cute and delicious!


Now it’s always difficult to refrain from diving into the cookies as soon as they’re done baking in the oven. However, you’ll want to make sure you let the cookies sit on the counter for a minute or two so they can harden.


When pouring in the milk, in this case less is more, so your cookies don’t become too soggy!


What a simple treat to enjoy in the morning or indulge at night!


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