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This Guy Tried To Deep Fry His Wife’s Co-Worker’s Head And Seriously, WTF?

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It’s all fun and games…

Until you almost get your coworker’s head deep fried.

This pastor in North Carolina — Dwayne Wayden — was charged with assault, after he tried to push his wife’s coworker’s head into a McDonald’s deep fryer.

Like, what the heck? How does that even happen?

Dwayne Wayden’s wife, Latoya Gladney, was a manager in training at a McDonald’s in High Point, North Carolina.

Apparently, on the day in question, Latoya thought she was being disrespected by a coworker.

So, of course, she called her husband to complain.

Dwayne didn’t take too kindly to his wife being disrespected, so he angrily went to the McDonald’s to confront the coworker and avenge his wife’s honor.

He rolled up into the McDonald’s, burst through the door, and immediately went for the neck of the coworker in question.

Dwayne wrapped his hands around the dude’s neck, and pushed his head towards the McDonald’s deep fryer.

The offender also punched the offender several times on the face, and did not stop until several employees pulled the offender off of the victim.

Incident Report

Naquan Garlington “suffered a large contusion to the forehead and right eye, along with scratches on his neck” — but hey, he didn’t get his head deep fried!

After police watched the McDonald’s security footage, they arrested Dwayne Wayden for assault.

Dwayne went with the police officers without putting up a fight, and charges are pending.

Let this be a lesson to you. Watch how you treat people, or you might find yourself staring down the pops and sizzles of a deep fryer.

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