This Crispy, Deep Fried Pickle Dip Is Every Pickle Lover’s Dream

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If you asked what a pickle lover looks for in a deep fried pickle sliced in a basket or thrown on a stick, spice, a satisfying crunch, and the taste of Dill would make top three.

Introducing a dip that crosses off the checklist for every individual who prefers pickles from the jar, the Crispy Deep Fried Pickle Dip by Dean’s!

Courtesy of deansdip.com

A sauce that includes everything but the actual pickle, features a creamy texture with the flavor of a deep-fried dill pickle, ranch, and a noticeable hint of horseradish for a small kick.

While you might think you’re eating a deep fried pickle from the carnival down the street with one spoonful or a swipe of the finger, it’s merely only the dip you’re tasting!

Courtesy of @deansdip

The perfect dip for fried pickle chips or even simply put, a plain pickle, this Deep Fried Pickle dip pairs together well like ketchup drizzled on french fries or mustard on a hot dog.

A dairy dip that brings your “favorite sports bar flavors at home” as per the packaging, will have you double dipping your pickle with each bite.

And dare we say it, this dip is also suited for not only the beer-battered pickle from fairs, but perhaps a crunchy chip or even a veggie.

Courtesy of @thedallasdill

You can find the pickle lover’s dream side sauce, the Crispy Deep Fried Pickle dip online for less than five dollars at Walmart and stocked at other grocery stores!

Courtesy of @deansdip

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