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You Can Get 3 Months Of Free Coffee From Panera. Here’s How To Get Yours.

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You can totally get 3 Months of Free Coffee from Panera, and there aren’t any big hoops to jump through or strings attached.

I LOVE Panera — it’s so fresh and yummy!!

Especially their Bread Bowl with a delicious houses-made Soup — totally worth breaking ANY diet for, amirite?!?


I can spend an entire day in their cafe, reading a book, slurping up their soup, and sipping on a tasty cup of hot coffee.

I also used to love to drop into Panera and pick up a coffee for my LONG commute home when I worked hospital — it was a LIFESAVER on my hour-long commute!

NOW, you can get that cup of coffee FREE for three whole months!

How is that possible? It has to be a joke, or there has to be some sort of big ol’ catch.

It’s actually super simple, and hardly takes any effort at all, except going to pick up your coffee.

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Okay, so here’s what you have to do:

FIRST, go sign up for the MyPanera rewards program through their website — it’s totally FREE, and you earn rewards (like FREE pastries) for everything you purchase at Panera.

Next, you need to go sign up for the MyPanera+Coffee Subscription.

Must be a MyPanera member and at least 18 years of age or older to register. Registration available online only including Kiosk.


The FIRST THREE MONTHS of your coffee subscription are ABSOLUTELY free — as long as you sign up by the end of June!

The catch — if you can even call it a catch — you have to be a NEW subscriber or RE-SUBSCRIBER to their MyPanera+ Coffee subscription.

Don’t trust me? I know, it’s pretty hard to believe.

Subscription limited to hot coffee, hot tea and iced coffee once every two hours plus unlimited refills. Excludes iced tea and cold brew iced coffee and espresso and cappuccino beverages.


Did you catch that? You can even go multiple times in a day for a free cup of coffee — once every two hours.

That’s one cup of coffee that you can enjoy on the way to work, and then again your way home!!

So, the NORMAL cost of the MyPanera+ Coffee subscription is $8.99 a month — that is still an AWESOME price for unlimited coffee all month long!

This part is important, so listen up!!

If you don’t cancel your subscription by the end of your FREE three-month coffee period, you will be charged on a recurring basis for the regular coffee subscription price of $8.99 per month until you cancel.

You may cancel at any time — To cancel your subscription online, visit the Subscription section at (the Panera website) or on the Panera Bread app.


With this program, not only do you get UNLIMITED coffee, but you also earn rewards through the MyPanera program for any additional items that you buy — have you SEEN their bakery selection?!?

You really can’t go wrong with signing up!

Customizations including but not limited to added Espresso and added Syrups (Vanilla and Caramel) are not included in the Coffee Subscription monthly price. Upcharges apply. Other additions such as Milk, Skim Milk, Almond Milk, Half & Half, Sweeteners are included in the monthly subscription price.


To sign up for the MyPanera rewards program, you can go HERE.

Then, once you do that, you can head over to sign up for the MyPanera+ Coffee subscription HERE.

Now, go enjoy your three months of free coffee — and maybe get a pastry while you’re at it. *Smile Emoji*

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