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This Dog Ate $4,000 Off The Table and You Won’t Believe What The Owners Did To Get The Money Back

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I’ve heard of the dog eating your homework, but this is next level…

This doggo actually ate $4,000 that was in an envelope on his owners’ kitchen table, and they were willing to do whatever it took to get that money back.

Clayton Law says that he took $4,000 out of the bank to do some home improvements, and he stuck the money in an envelope on the kitchen table.

I guess Cecil, his 7-year-old goldendoodle, was a bit hungry, because when Clayton and his wife, Carrie, turned their heads for two seconds, Cecil jumped up on the table and ate the money.

I would panic.

I was in disbelief. — I was like, I couldn’t believe that happened. And the funny thing was I found a corner of a $100 bill in his water bowl. So, it’s like he had to kind of just wash it down.

Carrie Law

Now, obviously, Carrie and Clayton were willing to do whatever it took to recover the money…

And that involved digging through a lot of doggy $h!t.

They were able to recover most of the money — but it was in pieces.

Carrie and Clayton had to find the money, clean the money, and then tape the money back together.

The bank can only accept money if most of the bill is there, so it can be identified as legit tender.

So, they had to piece the money back together, like the most expensive puzzle ever to exist.

During the three days following the incident, through all their waiting, poop digging, washing, and taping, Carrie and Clayton were able to recover $3,550 of the $4K.

I would be sick. Absolutely sick.

Don’t worry, Cecil is just fine. The incident didn’t seem to phase him in the least.

I think he just took a nap afterward.

Carrie Law

Carrie says that Cecil has never before done anything bad, so they were totally surprised when he got into the money and ate it.

What about the rest of the money?

They have about $400 in mutilated bills that they can’t piece together, so they might make a collage out of the pieces to commemorate the event.

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