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You Can Get A Heinz Ketchup Puzzle That Contains 570 Solid Red Pieces And I Want One

Heinz Ketchup is the BEST ketchup. Prove me wrong!

The Heinz Company is making a puzzle that is completely Heinz Ketchup Red, and I’m not sure if it is a total torture device, or complete genius. Ha!

Courtesy of Heinz on Instagram

I want one, just to say I did it! Kinda like this CLEAR beast-of-a-puzzle.

Courtesy of LittleFlowerPotShop on Etsy

I would totally wrangle my 8-year-old into completing this ketchup puzzle with me! He puts Heinz Ketchup on E’rything! Strawberries? Ketchup. Pancakes? Ketchup. Ice cream? Ketchup. I’m not joking.

This would totally fit his ketchup obsession, and I’m about to make him sit and do it with me! Ha!

It seems you can’t just go buy one of these puzzles. Heinz is giving them away — 57 of them, to be exact.

Why are they giving away exactly 57 puzzles that have 570 pieces? To honor their Heinz 57 varieties, of course.

Did you know ALL of their bottles are labeled with “57 varieties?” I didn’t either. I had to grab my ketchup bottle out of the kitchen to check it for myself!

So, how do you win a Heinz Ketchup puzzle? You go to Instagram, and make a comment on their post, letting them know who you would complete the puzzle with.

I put that I would complete it with my son, of course!

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My son. : : #stayinalive #dance #sixyearsold #mylove

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Who would you so this puzzle with??

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