Galactic Fruit Gushers Are Back and This Time, The Flavor is A Mystery

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Galactic Fruit Gushers are back. Every 1990s baby knows how out of this world these sweet chewy fruit snacks are.

Any day when Mom packed these Galactic Gushers in our lunches was a GOOD lunch day! Well, they are BACK! Now our kids can experience the stellar PUNCH these little snacks bring.

These limited edition chewy fruit snacks come in three flavors — Berry Star Cluster (blue), Asteroid Apple (green), and an Unidentified Flavor Object (purple).

The coolest part about these Galactic Gushers, you get to go the the Galactic Gushers Website, and try to guess the mystery flavor! Not only that, there are prizes involved.

Join us on this intergalactic investigation where the cosmos, and your taste buds, hold the answer. Guess the flavor and unlock cool space prizes!

They even give you a multiple choice of four flavors: Light-Year Lemon-Lime, Big Bang Blue-Raspberry, Meteorite Mandarin-Mellon, and Satellite Strawberry-Kiwi. I would have guessed ‘Grape’ going off of the color, but I would have been wrong.

Each box of Galactic Gushers comes in a box of TWENTY pouches, and they cost a little less than six bucks. You have to get them just so you all the littles in your life can experience the gush of galactic flavor!

And, most importantly, don’t forget to enter for your chance to win prizes —  “like sweatshirts, hats, blankets, pop-sockets, and more, every day.”

I totally want a Galactic Gushers blanket! I would rock it (get it, rocket) like there’s no tomorrow.

Word on the intergalactic web is that this box of stellar Galactic Gushers is a Walmart Exclusive. One quick trip to the Walmart Website shows these yummy fruit snacks are an in-store purchase ONLY. You know what that means! Road trip to your closest Walmart store, before they sell out.

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