This Baby Yoda Cozy Is The Cutest Way to Keep Your Coffee Warm

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Baby Yoda, I will never be sick of you. While the Star Wars franchise is slow to bring us any and all things Baby Yoda, we know we can turn to Etsy to bring us the good stuff!

Courtesy of Elena Monroe Boutique on Etsy

Elena Monroe Boutique has crocheted the CUTEST Baby Yoda coffee cup cozy — I HAVE EVER SEEN — in an amigurumi style. Yep. I going to need one.

They should just have them available at all the coffee shops, and they could just take all my money right there.

These super-cute little guys will only cost you $16, and will fit any coffee house to-go beverage, as well as many commercial tumblers.

Item features
– adorable Yoda face
– stand up Yoda ears
– stretchy to fits almost all cups!
– hand wash and lay flat to dry
– yoda theme colors
– cup cozy comes gift wrapped with cup coffee template included

Courtesy of Elena Monroe Boutique on Etsy

I wish I were talented enough to make myself one of these super-cute Baby Yoda coffee cup cozies — but since I’m not, thank goodness for Elena Monroe Boutique!

We can always count on Etsy to bring us exactly what we didn’t even know we needed!

This boutique site also has these ADORABLE ear warmers for $20. I don’t even care if they are supposed to be for kids. I’m getting one for me! I’ll get one for my daughter, too. We can be all Baby Yoda matchy-matchy!

Courtesy of Elena Monroe Boutique on Etsy

You can also get the CUTEST amigurumi Baby Yoda doll I have ever seen, right from the Elena Monroe Boutique page on Etsy. It will run you $50, and is worth every precious penny. Those ears. Gah!

Courtesy of Elena Monroe Boutique on Etsy

But, if nothing else, you HAVE to check out the Baby Yoda coffee cup cozy. It is just too cute not to get!

By the way, if you spend $35 in the Elena Monroe Boutique, you get FREE SHIPPING!! Huzzah! Cozies for all my friends!

You can get a Baby Yoda Coffee Cozy Here.

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