You Can Get Flip-Flop Socks For The Person Who Refuses To Wear Closed Toe Shoes For Winter

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It is FINALLY cooler weather here in the U.S. I couldn’t be happier! BUT, that doesn’t mean I want to give up my flip-flops.

I bought like 6 pairs of these flip-flop socks YEARS ago, but haven’t been able to find them since. THANK GOODNESS FOR ETSY!

Via Luludress on Etsy

They have the CUTEST handmade flip-flop socks I have ever seen!

Via OffTheHookByJulie On Etsy

Flip-flop socks traditionally have the toes open, so you can stick your tootsies in a flip-flop. You can get them with an open heel, while some socks have a full heel crocheted in.

Via IrresistableEssence on Etsy

They are usually really colorful, and so darn (see what I did there) cute!

Via OffTheHookByChrissy on Etsy

You can even find socks that go all the way up your leg, like a leg warmer.

Via GreenAtleirUA on Etsy

I don’t just wear these with my flip-flops. Sometimes during those cold nights I like to wear socks to bed, but I CAN’T STAND to have my toes completely covered under the blankets! I get so freaking claustophic. These socks totally do the trick!

Via OffTheHookByJulie on Etsy

They are also totally great to wear to yoga or dance. They keep your feet warm, but let you have the traction that you need on your feet.

These super-cool socks would also be great to take along next time you get a pedicure! The open toed socks slide right into a flip-flop, and you don’t have to mess up that fresh paint job.

I can’t sing their praises enough! I am in total love with these socks! They are so great anytime of year, but are a total cold-foot saver in the cooler weather months!

Via KnitKnotSpace on Etsy

Do your feet a favor, and go check the Flip Flop Socks out!

Love socks as much as I do? Go check out these Harry Potter socks at Target!

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  1. I ordered and received a pair of your flip flop socks and I really love them except they are WAY too big. Ordered through Etsy and LuLudress. I have since ordered a pair of bed socks. I sure hope they fit me, but the flip flop socks fit like they were made for the jolly green giant!

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