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Jelly Nails Are the Comeback Beauty Trend We All Didn’t Know We Needed

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Alongside your jelly lip gloss and 90’s butterfly hair clips, TikTok has brought back another 90’s beauty trend and boy did we miss it.

Courtesy of @deryanails

Inspired by the sandals made from plastic, the nail tech realm is bringing back the shoe trend in the shape of an almond, or square if you will.

Courtesy of @wubsnailart

Enter: Jelly nails are making a comeback and if you remember the squishy shoe you may have worn in elementary school, these nails would have matched perfectly with your outfit.

Courtesy of @deryanails

Often painted in bright colors, funky designs or sheer, the world is your oyster when asking your nail tech for jelly nails because every color works.

Courtesy of @nailartbyjen

To pamper yourself at home, the steps are simple thanks to Yahoo Entertainment.

Simply prep your nails like you usually would, you know, push back the cuticles, file, shape, and soak.

Courtesy of @mairanails.sc

Keep in mind to apply a thin base coat before you paint on the color of your choosing.

To get the jelly-look, brighter colors work best when mixed with a top coat to finish the look.

Courtesy of @polished_yogi

Mix your brightly colored nail polish with the top coat bottle, apply two coats and let dry the paint dry fully.

Courtesy of @miiikku104

Your 90’s younger self would be so proud.

Courtesy of @lolas_nailz

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