Amazon Has A Floating Game Table With Chairs For Your Next Big Pool Party

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I love to play card games. I also love the water. It’s kinda hard to do both. You play the games on dry land, and you swim in the water.

UNTIL NOW!! Y’all. I am so excited about this floating game table, that COMES WITH four floating seats. It’s like having my cake, and eating it too!! Gah!

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This set even COMES with waterproof chips and waterproof playing cards, just in cases there is a splashing incident where the table gets drenched. There’s always that ONE person who thinks it’s funny to cannonball, AMIRITE?!?

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If you look closely, you will see four storage areas at each seat. You can keep your cards or chips in these.

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You will also see a cup holder for each floating player. No need to get out of the pool to grab a can of Naturdays or that tumbler full of pinã colada. You can keep your drink right with you! They have thought of everything with this design.

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The floating chairs have a weight bearing limit of about 200 pounds each. So, don’t use these chairs for a rousing game of chicken. It might not end well. Ha!

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You might want to pay attention if you have Amazon Prime. You can’t use the free shipping on this product. Shipping runs $2.99 per set. That is still an AWESOME deal, considering you get 4 floating seats, a floating game table, waterproof chips, and waterproof cards.

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The table floating is environmental, odorless, wear-resistant, thick and reusable, which is very suitable for water entertainment or pool party.

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This floating game set gets a 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon Reviews. The reviews are great.

“We bought this for a vacation in Florida and it worked wonderful. We were not easy on it. My daughter actually purchased this float for a pool party this summer.”

Lounging In The Sun on Amazon Reviews

You can get your own floating game table right on the Amazon website. It will run you about 80 bucks for the whole set, plus the $3 shipping.

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