I’m So Scared Our Lives Will Never Be The Same After Lockdown

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Everyone has been cooped up, and the stir crazies have been a real thing.

FINALLY, things are starting to open back up. But, should they be? Should we wear masks? Is it safe to go out to eat? Is it safe to go grocery shopping? Is it safe to get money from the ATM? Will I get infected if I get a Dr. Pepper from the McDonald’s drive-thru?

These are all legitimate questions I find myself asking — and maybe you do to. I think the answer is — NOBODY quite knows.

Is it too early to release individuals into hoards of people that may or may not be considerate enough to wear a mask?

I live in a small to medium size town, and we have to DRIVE to the next town over for doctors appointments and such.

At one of these treks into civilization — as I like to call it — we saw a different world than we are used to at home. EVERYONE was wearing a mask.

We went to get takeout. EVERYONE was wearing a mask. We stopped at Trader Joe’s. EVERYONE was wearing a mask — even those people standing in the LONG line outside, waiting to get in. We went to our appointment. EVERYONE in the building had on a mask.

People were very conscientious about space, and were even courteous enough to ask if we minded if they got in the elevator with us.

My husband forgot his mask in one of the stores we went in, and you would have thought he was purposely there to give everyone the plague. People were staring him down with threatening looks in their eyes.

It is exactly the OPPOSITE at home, in our medium size town. If we wear a mask we are, a lot of times, the only one wearing one. People will even get in your face, call you scared, and tell you it’s a made up disease.

People get offended if you decide to wait for the next elevator, instead of riding up to your floor in the midst of 6 other people.

There is just too big a dichotomy in the way people are approaching this “return” to normal. So, what do I do?

I am scared NOT to wear a mask, but — in my town, at least — people look at you like you’re insane if you decide to cover your face with a mask.

People wonder why I’m not doing things like going to church. It’s because, I don’t want to be stuck in a room with 150 people who may or may not have a mask on. I also don’t feel like getting stared at for using mine.

So, again I ask, should everyone be wearing a masks? My gut response is, heck, yes. The respectful thing to do is wear a mask for the safety of those around you.

Is it safe to go out to eat? I don’t have any idea. I’m not going to do it.

Is it safe to go grocery shopping? You kind of have to do this. Even if you use a service for delivering groceries, you’re still touching all the bags that were just in someone else’s car.

Is it safe to get money from the ATM? I mean, that keypad is pretty disgusting. But, I need money. What do I do?

Will I get infected if I get a Dr. Pepper from the McDonald’s drive-thru? I feel guilty EVERY SINGLE TIME I go get a drink from a fast-food joint. Let’s not even talk about eating the food. That sends me straight to anxiety town.

So, what do I do, dude? How are we supposed to traverse this life after lockdown? What are your thoughts?

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