Amazon Is Selling The World’s Biggest Water Slide And It’s Cheaper Than You Think

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Leave it to Amazon to come in and save the day when all you’re hearing is “I’M BORED” just a few weeks into Summer.

Amazon Is Selling The World’s Biggest Water Slide And It’s Cheaper Than You Think!

In fact, it’s even cheaper than Target’s 20-foot water slide we posted about last month.

Cheaper fun is always better in my opinion.

Amazon’s version of a GIANT slip-n-slide is 75 feet long! Yes, 75 feet!!

The Wahii WaterSlide is 75′ x 12′ – and is The World’s Biggest Backyard Lawn Water Slide or so it claims to be.

Create a waterpark in your own backyard with the Wahii WaterSlide. It’s 75ft long and 12ft wide! The Wahii WaterSlide is the biggest backyard water slide in the world. Manufactured in the USA, the slide is constructed of thick, specially formulated, UV protected plastic. The surface is extremely smooth and rated to hold 256lbs per square foot. It’s tough and durable so it will last for years. The Wahii has a U.S. Patented fastening system that holds the slide to the grass. U.S. Patent # 8,419,557 and 9,072,978


It only takes 15 minutes to set up and you use your existing hose or sprinkler onto it and you’re ready to go!

Giant water slide party here we come!

The best part is, it costs less than $150! Which, if you saw the Target price of $550, this is a much easier price point to swallow. And honestly, this has better reviews!

I cannot wait for mine to arrive, I am so excited for my kids to give it a try!

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