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You Can Get A Bag Of Easter Bunny Farts Cotton Candy And Your Kids Are Going To Love It

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Of course, magical Easter Bunny Farts would be made of spun sugar and taste like cotton candy! I would expect no less.


If you are a fan of toot humor and love good old fashioned cotton candy, this tasty treat is going to speak straight to your soul.

Scientific Fact: Farts In A Bag Are Funny! The 3oz snack size cotton candy is icing on the cake.


These bags of Farting Easter Bunny Cotton Candy are a uniquely hilarious gift, and will add a little bit of hopping humor — something funny from the Easter Bunny — to stick right down inside that Easter Basket this year.

Everyone who tries this cotton candy agrees, it is crazy good — some of the BEST cotton candy they have ever had.


These were an epic hit!! The look on their faces when they opened them was priceless. We had so much fun reading the bag as we did eating them. Ok, yes I admit to sneaking some. It is the best cotton candy we have ever had. What can I say? I am a fan and will be back over and over again. Thank you for helping me keep my title “Aunt Silly”.

Dorothy G Amazon Reviews

I loved the packaging of the product but didn’t know from the description what to expect or how it was going to be after unpacking it. I bought this for my 14 year old daughter for Easter and she got a kick out of it. But most importantly my daughter and I both agreed that this cotton candy was the best by far we have ever had!!! And we have had our fair share of cotton candy. I totally support you and your family and appreciate that you guys work hard to bring a fantastic product. Keep it up!!! I will be ordering more soon and in the future.

Steve Amazon Reviews

Not only is this Farting Easter Bunny Cotton Candy a hilariously good time, it is to help a great cause. According to the bag, 10% of all proceeds go to help children with disabilities.

Bag of Bunny Farts are the perfect Easter basket stuffer for everyone that loves something fun and interesting. Wearing a smile the Easter Bunny is presented with colorful eggs in the background. Children and adults will laugh over the hilarious gift idea of receiving farts for a present. Each bag contains a single serving size sealed bag of packed fruit punch pink cotton candy. The cotton candy is Made in the USA.


These bags of Farting Easter Bunny Cotton Candy are great for EVERYONE on your Easter Treat List. Kids will find them hilarious — my son is going to be OBSESSED — and even Mom will get a chuckle out of these bags of spun sugar toots.


You can get a 3 ounce bag of Easter Bunny Farts Cotton Candy for $8.95 from the Amazon website.


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