Sunday is Free Double Cheeseburger Day at McDonald’s

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Alongside free fry day at McDonald’s, the fast food chain is participating in another promotion that gets us free food!

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And what’s better than the word free, well how about a cheeseburger and make it a double!

Courtesy of McDonald’s

That’s right, alongside your free fries deal, the fast food giant is giving away free double cheeseburgers all day this week.

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Although unlike “free fry day”, this free cheeseburger promo only lasts for one day sadly, but who can really be sad with a McDonald’s cheeseburger in hand.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

Two beef patties, pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard, and two slices of melted cheese sandwiched in between two halves of one soft bun for the price of free with a minimum purchase of one dollar!

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The reason for free cheeseburgers?

McDonald’s is celebrating National Cheeseburger Day (incase you didn’t know that’s on Sunday, September 18) so go ahead and write that date down, I’ll wait.

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To snag the iconic Double Cheeseburger at McDonald’s, the deal is only available to claim through the app!

Courtesy of @mcdonalds

Happy National Cheeseburger Day!

Courtesy of @mcdonalds

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