You Can Get Strawberry Flavored Starburst Sorbet Bars And They Sound Amazing

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The strawberry pink flavored Starbursts are arguably the best flavor in the bunch.

Starbursts have up the ante and have introduced Strawberry Sorbet Bars to the market.

I know, the name just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it.

Courtesy of Walmart

Apparently these frozen treats were released almost 6 years ago according to an Instagram user @snackgator. The user most recently found them at the Dollar Tree and it is at no surprise that the frozen bars are still available in stores for customers to purchase and snack on.

In fact, I’m 6 years too late!


So if you’ve had a pink strawberry flavored Starburst candy in the past, you most likely will be familiar with the taste of their frozen sorbet bars.


Walmart is also selling the juicy Starburst treats for just 3 dollars in a box of 4, along with a few other grocery outlets. However, since the pink and yellow boxes were also spotted at the Dollar Tree, you can get them for a much cheaper price.


If you haven’t tried these frozen treats yet, you and I both are overdue and we need a box as soon as possible!


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