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‘Baked Potato Boards’ Are The Fun Food Trend That You Need In Your Life

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Move over Hot Dog Boards! Baked Potato Boards are the new trend, and I know what I’m doing for supper tonight!

Forget about all those tired Cheese Boards and those played out Food Boards. This Baked Potato Board is exactly what your family needs for a super fun fall family dinner!!

And, they aren’t just for your family. Think of the possibilities. You could make one all fancy for Ladies Night, fill one full to feed those high school sports teams, or even throw one together to impress your mother-in-law who just showed up without warning.

Making them up is super simple.

You obviously have to bake some potatoes. I recommend coating them in a coarse salt before you wrap them in foil and bake them (425 degrees for 40 minutes).

While those potatoes are in the oven, you can ravage through your refrigerator. You probably have most everything you will need on hand.

You can get all fancy, and plan it out — going to the store for special ingredients. But, I say, Keep it simple!!

Grab yourself a stack of bowls. I would go with paper bowls — but then, I hate to do dishes.

Now, put a little of this and a little of that in those bowls (the sky’s the limit!)

You HAVE to have butter and cheese, and the more cheese you have, the better.

Salsa and sour cream would be a good traditional addition to your board.

Bacon bits, ham, pulled barbecue, chili, and turkey for the meat-a-tarians would be wise.

Cheese sauce and broccoli make a tasty combination when it comes to the baked potato.

Of course, you can have little extras like cut up red onions, green onions or chives, tomatoes, olives, and cracked pepper to complete your board.

Basically, just make it yummy and pleasing to the eye (we eat with our eyes first).

Wanna get SUPER fancy and act like you have bookoos of money?

Roast some sweet potatoes, and have cinnamon and sugar on the board to go with it. You can even add some mini marshmallows. YUM!!

Now excuse me. I have potatoes to bake.

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