Hot Dog Boards Are The Hot New Way To Entertain and Count Me In

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Summer is all about food, fun and enjoying the warm weather.

When it comes to food, you can grill just about anything under the sun including some toasty hot dogs.


But you can take all of that one step further and create a ‘Hot Dog Board’ and it’s perfect for entertaining and displaying the food in a fun way.

People are creating ‘Hot Dog Boards’ which are like cheese charcuterie boards but instead they are using hot dogs and all the toppings to create the board.


Some people are assembling them in fun designs such as this American Flag design above.


Others are just arranging them nicely on a board with cooked hot dogs, toppings and side dishes such as potato salad, chips or tater tots.


No matter how you do it, you can’t deny this is a great idea. I mean, it’ll be a huge hit at your bbq this summer.


So, next time you have a bbq keep this Hot Dog Board in mind. I am totally making one soon!

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