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Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury Are Forming A Triangle in The Sky Right Now. Here’s How You Can See It.

Remember the “Great Conjunction“? Well, now Mercury has moved in to join Jupiter and Saturn. The trio of planets has formed a triangle in the sky for the first time since 2015. This is one you won’t want to miss!

They are calling this a “planetary trio” or a “triple conjunction”.

The formation appeared Friday the 8th and you will be able to view it until January 11th.

Sunday, January 10th, will be the best viewing because the planets will be closest that night.

The best time to view the trio is just after sunset. On Monday, January 11th, Mercury will move to the south of Jupiter.

For the best chance at a great view, you’ll want to go somewhere that you can easily see the horizon.

Look towards the sunset. About 45 min after the sun has set you will be able to see this amazing view.

If you have a telescope make sure to make use of it. If not, you could always use binoculars.

Once the moon is higher in the sky, there will be too much light for a clear view. Once again, I’ll probably miss out, they are calling for rain and even snow.