Home Depot May Be Releasing A Life Size Demogorgon So You Can Turn Your Yard into The Upside Down

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You guys, I’ve never wanted something so much in my entire life!!

We all know that The Home Depot is THE place to get Halloween items. I mean, I just got my 12-Foot Skeleton and I am beyond excited to put it up.

Home Depot

But now, now, there is word that Home Depot is releasing a Life Size Demogorgon So You Can Turn Your Yard into The Upside Down!!!

Erik Martinelli

Now just so you know, Home Depot hasn’t made an official announcement about this BUT today they did post on Facebook saying:

Something is coming.

📸Erik Martinelli

Erik Martinelli

And honestly, what else could it possibly be?

Back in 2021, Erik Martinelli posted on Facebook that he had turned the 12 Foot Inferno Pumpkin into a giant Demogorgon from Stranger Things.

People became so obsessed and wanted one so now I am thinking, Home Depot is releasing their own version based on this concept and design.

Erik Martinelli

Uhhh seriously just take my money now. I need it more than anything else I already own for Halloween!!

I will let you all know more when I know!!

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