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People Are Just Finding Out That 40% Of Rain Doesn’t Actually Mean There’s A 40% Chance Of Rain

When it rains it pours, but apparently the weather channel has been “lying” for years regarding how much rain will fall from the sky when we check the weather to see if the dark clouds will be ruining any outdoor plans.

Upon opening the weather app or checking the weather channel, when rain is predicted we see an hourly time, a percentage, a white cloud with falling rain and of course, the temperature outside.

Courtesy of The Weather Channel

Apparently, the percentage below the time on the weather app that often shows 30, 40, or 50 percent chance of rain doesn’t mean what you actually might think.

Courtesy of @knowledgesaurus

A photo that has gone viral on Facebook with nearly 10 thousand shares and 1 thousand comments, a Facebook user who reached out to a verified weather man asked exactly what the light blue percentage means.

According to Meteorologist Doug Heady, the number below the time of day is rather referring to the forecasted area than the chance of rain as a whole!

For example, if you see 80 percent of rain that means there is a 100 percent chance that 80 percent of the forecasted area will get rain!

Courtesy of The Weather Channel

So the next bridal shower or birthday party that is planned outdoors, remember that there will be a 100 percent chance that 60 percent of the forecasted area will receive rain which means the show (or party), might go on after all!

Courtesy of @knowledgesaurus

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