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Here’s How You Can Still See The ‘Christmas Star’ Everyone Is Talking About

Yesterday I saw so many of my friends from all over the United States posting photos they grabbed of the “Christmas Star” or “The Great Conjunction”.

Others were posting how sad that they were because it was cloudy where they lived or they had missed it. If you missed it last night, no worries! You can still see it!

In fact, I missed it. I went out too late and there was no way to see it from our home. I am going to make an effort to get out to a better viewing location.

It may not be the exact same alignment, however they are still so very close! The timeframe for actually being able to see them is right after sunset and that time flies so quickly this time of year.

You will be able to witness this event until January 7th, just in different stages. The coolest part though is that on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2020 they will appear the brightest!

Talk about the coolest Christmas event EVER! This is a huge part of the Christmas celebration this year! A true once in a lifetime event. I’m choosing to view this spectacular event as a sign of great things to come in the fast-approaching New Year!

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