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Takis Has Released Hot Nuts That Are Perfect To Keep You Roasty And Toasty This Season

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Takis has taken the world by storm with all of their crazy hot flavored chips! Between the hotness level and the vibrant flavors, it totally makes sense!


But now, Takis has released a new style of hotness, by introducing us to their Hot Nuts!


These Double Crunch Peanuts have a light and crispy exterior with a great amount of heat! It’s not overly hot but it certainly isn’t mild.


These new Takis Hot Nuts come in three different flavors: Flare, Fuego, and Smokin’ Lime. They all sound AMAZING!


Are you going to give these a try or stick to your normal Takis? And if you are going to try them, which flavor are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!


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