Here’s All The New Emoji’s Coming Soon To Your iPhone

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I love emoji’s. Not only do they get the point across, they are a fun way to express what you are trying to say.

That is why I am so excited we are getting some new emoji’s and SOON!

Unicode released a preview of the new emoji coming to smartphones in 2020 back in January.

They include more animals, non-gendered characters, and other features.

These emoji will be included in iOS 14.2 for iPhones, likely in October. So yay! That is so SOON!

If you are a Google or Android user, here are some variations:


Here’s a look at all 117 of the just-announced new generation of emoji.


Among those, I think the bubble tea is my favorite. It is totally a boba tea.

I also really love the black cat! How perfect for Halloween!

And of course, look how adorable the piñata is!!

So, watch for the update on your phone so you can get these adorable emoji. Oh, and if you haven’t yet, update your iPhone software so you can customize your home screen!

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