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Starbucks Is Selling A Neon Pink Halloween Mug and I’m Putting My Running Shoes On

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Years ago pink was my ultimate favorite color. I still love it, but not nearly as much as mint.

But here I am, trying to hunt down this dang mug because it’s neon pink and my heart is telling me that I NEED it.

Starbucks is selling a neon pink Halloween Mug that is covered in black Halloween details including a black cat, spider, and some whimsical leaves.


This mug is part of the 2021 Starbucks Halloween Collection which is supposed to officially release on 9/21/21.

However, some people are reporting to find these mugs already and I am officially ON THE HUNT.


The mug is supposed to be right around $14.95 and you can find it at both Target and Starbucks stand-alone stores.

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