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You Can Complete A Harry Potter Themed Digital Escape Room. Here’s How.

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Y’all! There is a DIGITAL Harry Potter Escape Room, and I’m as happy as the winner of a Quidditch game!

Peters Township Public Library in McMurray, PA put together this online Harry Potter Escape Room, and it’s crazy fun!

You can play it by yourself, or gather your family around the computer to experience the “Escape Room” together.

You can even try it multiple times. The fun can just go on and on!

The game takes you through several scenarios, and then has you answer questions.

You either make it through the rooms, or you can try again.

It is a GREAT way to include the whole family in a game of magic and fun — and take a little break from the tediousness of staying inside for hours on end! Ha!

You simply go to the Hogwarts Digital Escape Room Google Doc page.

Read the information on the startup page, and then click on “Next.”

You will then enter the game!


Read the prompts and answer the questions. Sometimes you will have to watch videos. So, do that. LOL!


Just have fun, and good luck!

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  1. Does anyone have a walkthrough for the howarts digital escape room.
    thanks in advance.