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You Can Get A Boat Motor Coffee Stirrer For The Person That Loves Boats

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I have been struggling with what to get my husband for Christmas!

Then I saw the most amazing thing shared on Facebook from TikTok!

Here, just take my money

Martin Kruger
@jamiemacfishing – TikTok

So, of course, I had to track down the original poster to see if I could figure out where they got this amazing device that is perfect for my bass fishing husband.

@jamiemacfishing – TikTok

If you or a loved one is obsessed with boats, this is the most unique gift ever… if you can find one that is!

It’s a miniature outdoor motor that you can use to mix your coffee and other drinks, like a cocktail!

But, if you do track one down, be prepared to pay a pretty penny for it!

navymedic67 – eBay

I literally have looked everywhere and ended up finding a vintage one on eBay!

The used one I found on eBay is selling for $289.00, way beyond my budget… but I’m wondering if I could make one myself…

navymedic67 – eBay

I found a miniature Hi-Speed Outboard Motor on Amazon that is battery operated and I don’t see why I couldn’t rig it up to work!

@jamiemacfishing – TikTok

I’m not even a boat lover and I want one for myself!

Check out the original TikTok video by @jamiemacfishing to see this boat motor drink stirrer in action!

@jamiemacfishing – TikTok

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