Why Doesn’t Aldi Play Music in Their Stores?

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If you live in an area that has an Aldi store, chances are, it’s one of your go-to places to shop for groceries and household items.

While I don’t have an Aldi in my state, I have heard they offer some killer deals on groceries and turns out, there may be more than one reason for their crazy low prices…

Recently, Aldi took to social media to ask customers if they know the reason why Aldi doesn’t play music in their stores.

As expected, that question sent the internet into a frenzy with guesses to the answer. Some are quite hilarious too…

“Because all the quarters are in the carts and not in a jukebox?” said one user.


So everyone doesn’t have to witness my boyfriend’s terrible dance moves? We all thank you greatly. said another user.


Why Doesn’t Aldi Play Music in Their Stores?

Aldi doesn’t play music in their stores simply because it costs money. Rather than paying that money to play music, they save that money and pass those savings onto consumers through lower prices of food and other household goods.

Now, you may be thinking, well, why can’t they just get a Spotify subscription or something?

Well, again, that would mean a ton of subscriptions or possibly the need for commercial licenses so they could stream in each store.

Bottom line is – cheaper costs for the store = cheaper costs for you.

Honestly, I am all about this and I think every store should get on board with this!

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