Canned Pumpkin Isn’t Really Pumpkin and I Feel Like My Life is A Lie

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What the actual heck? I just found out canned pumpkin isn’t even really pumpkin, and my whole world just imploded. I feel like my life is a lie.

Turns out, canned pumpkin is actually squash. They are winter gourds, to be exact.

So, when I make my family special pumpkin muffins, I am actually making the squash muffins! When I make pumpkin pie, I am actually making squash pie! When I make special pumpkin crepes, I am making — you guessed it — squash crepes!

Via Simplistically Living

I want to say “Ew,” but it tastes so good!

The pumpkin puree label even says “100% Pure Pumpkin,” but it isn’t so. Turns out, they can use any winter goard, and call it a pumpkin.

Pumpkins, it turns out, are too stringy and watery to use as a puree.

Think about the times you scoop out those pumpkin guts to make your Jack-O-Lanterns. Stringy as heck, aren’t they. That wouldn’t work for a smooth puree.

Most canned pumpkin is actually a Dickinson’s Pumpkin, or squash as they are sometimes called. It is a smoother gourd, that can be processed into the ulta smooth puree that we know and love.

The Dickinson isn’t as photogenic as the big, round Halloween pumpkin, so they use a picture of a regular pumpkin on the label.

I’ll just suck it up, and keep eating it. It’s too good not to. Squash, winter gourd, pumpkin, it’s all the same anyway, right?!?

While we may have lied to our entire lives, one thing is for certain – it sure is tasty!

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  1. When I saw the headline, it was even scary for a second! But what is the difference what is in a jar if it is 100% natural :))) Recently I have cooked pumpkin pancakes according to your recipe and was very pleased. You have an interesting blog, thank you!

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