Florida is So Cold, Frozen Iguanas Are Falling From The Trees

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I thought Florida was supposed to be warm? Remind me to add this to my list of “places to never visit”.

Look, I live in Utah and it’s COLD this time of the year. Which is why I’ve considered moving to a warmer climate like Florida.

But now, Florida is So Cold it is causing Frozen Iguanas to Fall From The Trees. ACK!

In fact, this is such an issue, the NWS in Miami is warning people to watch for these falling frozen Iguanas.

NWS Miami

In case you didn’t know, Iguanas, or Common Green Iguanas, are cold blooded animals which mean they go dormant in colder conditions.

Since Iguanas sleep in trees during colder weather conditions, they can end up falling from branches into the streets when they enter a dormant state, potentially landing on cars, into pools—and even on people.


Okay, sounds weird but not too harmless, right?

Well, considering an adult male iguanas can reach 6 or 7 feet in length and weigh up to 20 pounds, it is quite concerning if one so happens to fall on you from that height…

If you live in Florida, something to keep in mind is, while they might appear to be dead, they are not. Their whole body slows down in colder temperatures with only critical body functions working.

And I thought Utah was COLD. It is but at least we don’t have falling Iguanas. Yikes!

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