This Charts Shows You The Safest Swimsuit Colors To Pick To Prevent Drowning

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Drowning is honestly one of my biggest fears and I am a pretty strong swimmer.

I always watch my kids like hawks, and in the lake that can be super hard.

According to a survey, 46% of people asked said they had been in a situation in which they thought they may drown.

That is a scary statistic if you ask me!

The Aquatic Safety Connection made some charts showing how different colors show up in the water.

You can see which colors are easier to spot underwater for pools as well as lakes and other open water.

Once someone is under the water, they can be hard to find.

The right color swimming suit could be the difference between life and death so it is worth paying attention to.

You definitely want to choose bright and contrasting colors.

The first chart shows how different color swimsuits show up with a light-colored pool bottom.

According to the Aquatic Safety Connection, their top two choices are neon pink and neon orange.

It makes sense considering how bright they are and can be easily spotted even in the image above.

This next color chart shows how different colored swimming suits look in lakes and open water.

The testing was done in 18” of water because visibility was nearly zero at 2ft deep for ALL colors.

The top colors for the lake were neon yellow, neon green, and neon orange.

Again, bright colors show up so much better. Even the neon purple looks to show up well.

With Summer on the way, you want to ensure you keep these charts in mind while shopping for your new swimsuits for the family.

Be sure to check out the Aquatic Safety Connection Facebook page for more great water safety tips!

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