I Can’t Wait To Play This Hocus Pocus Drinking Game!

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Delish and Cosmopolitan have teamed up to make the ultimate Hocus Pocus Drinking Game this Halloween, and we are here for it!

Watching Hocus Pocus is already one of my favorite Halloween Traditions. If I’m honest, I watch it about 5 times each Halloween season!


This game, brought out by a collaboration between Delish and Cosmopolitan, takes my Hocus Pocus watching to a whole new — shall we say ‘HAPPY’ — level.


Gather some friends, and get to playing this Hocus Pocus drinking game while you watch one of the most FAMOUS of all Halloween treats around!


You will get to do things like DRINK UP when Sarah Sanderson gets flirty, when a spell is cast, or when Mary barks. You can TAKE A SHOT every time Binx dies, you know a line, or Billy loses a limb. It’s BOTTOMS UP when you realize the cat’s real name, the girls sing ‘I Put A Spell On You,’ or Max is made fun of.


You can get tipsy REALLY fast playing this most-excellent boozie Halloween drinking game! So be careful.


You might want to leave the kids at grandma’s and keep everyone’s keys locked up for safe keeping while playing this game. It’s fun, but ‘Safety First!’


Want some ideas for fun boozie drinks to make while watching? This Booger Beer Cocktail is most excellent to try for drinking fun!

booger beer cocktail

Or there is always my favorite, the Zombtini.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a Bloody Mary Sanderson Cocktail.

Bloody Mary Cocktail

Drink Responsibly!!

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