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Girl Scouts Is An Awesome Way To Bond With Your Daughter

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas. All opinions are 100% mine.

If You’re Looking For A Really Cool Way To Bond With Your Daughter, This Is It

I am always looking for cool stuff to do with my daughter. When she first started school, I was worried we wouldn’t get to spend time together because she was so busy making friends and just being her own person. So, when she decided to join the Girl Scouts, I decided to be her troop leader. The cool part about it was, being a Girl Scout troop leader provides you with quality bonding time for you and your kid.

Suddenly I wasn’t just on the outside looking in when she was hanging out with her friends. I was a PART of the hanging out. When you are a troop leader, it’s like you are ONE of the girls and you learn right alongside them.

All the fun stuff going on in their life, all the things they have going on, they include you in it. PLUS being a Girl Scout is so amazing for them. It’s made my daughter a kinder, more awesome person. I love the confidence that Girl Scouts gave her. Before Girl Scouts she was so shy, and now she’s standing on stage starring in plays!

One of the coolest things about being the troop leader is that your daughter sees her friends coming to you for advice, inspiration, and sees you as someone they can talk to. My daughter once said to me, “It is so nice how all of my friends can come to you when they need someone to talk to!” And that is huge for me, because when she needs someone to talk to, she comes to me, too.

Being her troop leader sort of established me as the person in all of their lives that was always there for them. It made me the mom who they know will always support and listen to them, which is very important to me.

Even though they are much older now, they still treat me like this today, and use the skills we learned together in Girl Scouts. It’s AWESOME! I am SO lucky to be a part of my daughter’s life, and I am forever grateful that being a Girl Scout troop leader gave me that!

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