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Jackson Ferris Just Joined The Dodgers, Which Means They Now Have Ferris And Buehler On The Same Team

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge sportball baseball fan, but this is something I can really get into.

I used to live in Southern California, so I guess if I was going to cheer for a team, it ought be the Dodgers.

That being said, the Dodgers just acquired pitcher, Jackson Ferris, out of the minor leagues.

This is all great news — I’m sure his family is ecstatic — but I’m just happy that this is now a thing…

Jackson Ferris might be new to the team, but the Dodgers already have Walker Buehler.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

They now have Ferris and Buehler on the same team!!!

Ferris Buehler — only the best movie from the 1980s!

Paramount Home Entertainment

As you can imagine, social media is blowing up with people commenting on this magical new turn of events.

I just love social media sometimes. LOL!!