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Sony Just Introduced A Car That Was Driven With A PS5 Controller, And Gamers Everywhere Are Rejoicing

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This might actually make my teen — who refuses to drive — want to get behind the wheel.

Sony has teamed up with Honda to make an electric car that can be driven with a PS5 controller.

There is a video, posted to social media, of course, that shows Sony Honda Mobility president Izumi Kawanishi driving the car with a video game controller.

This car — affectionately known as Afeela — is almost guaranteed to be a MUST for gamers everywhere.

Now, before you start rejoicing, there is something I have to tell you…

This car doesn’t actually factually exist.

It is just a foreshadowing of the technology that is to come in the future — what will be possible.

Bummer, right?!?

Tease us with this video game car, and then rip it from our grasps!

Maybe it’s a good thing that the general population won’t be driving cars with video game controllers anytime soon.

Have you seen people drive on the freeway lately?!?

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