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People Are Putting Mailboxes In Their Gardens and It Is Pure Genius

Are you ever just hanging out and suddenly see some work that needs to be done in the garden?

But then you’re like oh, I don’t have any of my tools or my gloves… so you’re like whatevs… I’ll do it later?

Well, this is a brilliant idea that won’t ever leave you in that predicament again!

It’s a garden tool hideaway right in the garden!

stargazer_farm – Instagram

It’s so simple and yet so genius, people are putting mailboxes near the garden for a cute convenient place to store tools!

leevalleytools – Instagram

Now, this isn’t a place to store your big tools, but all of those small hand tools that you use on a regular basis, this is perfect for those!

mypaintedswan – Instagram

You can get a mailbox at your local home improvement store for less than $20!

Home Depot

In fact, this medium mailbox shown above is less than $11 at Home Depot!

If you want something bigger, you can get those less than $35!

Home Depot

Another option is to ask if someone has one to get rid of!

Free is always good and you can paint it and make it cute for your garden.

soulfulart23 – Instagram

It’s the perfect place to store your small hand tools and gardening gloves and you can decorate it to match your space.

thehappygardeninglife – Instagram

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