Move Over Starbucks, Target is Selling A 4-Pack of Cake Pops That Taste Like The Real Thing

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Three words: Starbucks Cake Pops.

Chances are, you know the taste all too well and likely pick one up every time you grab your favorite Starbucks Drink.


But I’ll be honest, at nearly $3.00 ($2.95) each, I tend to stay away from getting them especially when all 3 of my kids are wanting them.

If you feel the same, I have some AWESOME NEWS.

The other day, I was at my local Target browsing the bakery items (as one does) and BAM I found a 4 pack of Target Cake Pops for just $5.99.

That makes each cake pop $1.50 which is nearly half the cost!

Just like the Starbucks birthday cake pops, these are vanilla cake with a white chocolate coating.

I bought these and honestly, they taste just like Starbucks cake pops.

Seriously, my kids didn’t notice a difference. SCORE!

The best part is, you can actually order these online and pick them up with driveup pickup!

So, if you’re looking for a way to save on one of your favorite Starbucks treats, head to Target.

You can order the Target Vanilla Cake Pops here.

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