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Margot Robbie Is Proof That Bangs Are Back Baby!

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Let me ask you something…

When is the last time you had bangs?

It was probably at least 10 years ago, right? Well, it looks like bangs are back baby!

femme fatale

Margot Robbie showed up to The Oscars sporting bangs and a danty dress and people are OBSESSED.

In fact, people are so obsessed with her look, it is trending all over twitter and people are even saying that bangs are back!!


I am not going to lie, it’s been a long minute since I’ve had bangs because I totally thought they were OUT.

But as you can see, Margot Robbie is ROCKING them and looks totally adorable.

So, I am pretty sure she is saying that this summer’s hottest trend is bangs, wouldn’t you agree?!

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