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Here’s 5 Uplifting Books To Read While You Are Stuck At Home

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Let’s face it, life gets busy. Finding time to sit down and read has become harder and harder for most these days.

With the Coronavirus looming overhead, we have all been suggested to stay indoors for everyone’s safety. That means more free time. Why not utilize that time to get in some good reading?

Here Are 5 Uplifting Books To Read While You Are Stuck At Home

1. 10% Happier – Dan Harris

After having a severe public breakdown, Dan Harris writes about his journey of taming the negative voice in his head, and discovers the beauty of meditation, self-love, and freedom.

You can get the 10% Happier Book Here.

2. Man’s Search For Meaning – Viktor E. Frankl

In this book, psychiatrist Viktor E. Frankl talks of the years he endured in Nazi death camps. During that time, he developed a revolutionary way of thinking, and how to motivate oneself to search for meaning.

You can get Man’s Search for Meaning Here.

3. Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success – Carol S. Dweck

After decades of researching, psychologist Carol Dweck discovered a new way to gain achievement and success – the power of our mindset. In this book, she tackles how to approach goals with a fixed or growth mindset.

You can get the book here.

4. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

In this book, Coelho takes a fictional story route to help understand the importance of listening to your heart and the power of pursuing your dreams.

You can get The Alchemist Book Here.

5. Switch On Your Brain – Dr. Caroline Leaf

In this book, Dr. Caroline Leaf talk on how to remove the toxic thoughts in your brain and how to replace them with a positive outlook on life.

You can get Switch On Your Brain Here.

It easy to assume the worst in a lot of situations.

Look at how the world is currently responding to the Coronavirus. Negative thoughts can cause a trigger in our brain and suppress our immune system unintentionally.

Take this time we have stuck at home to dig deep into some self-help books on how to rise above the fear of our futures.

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