What’s Cooler Than a Frog In a Box?

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I need to admit something.

I’m scared to death of frogs. Seriously, if I had the choice between a king cobra (who tweets) and a frog, I’d snuggle up right next to that snake and make kissy faces.

But, I totes want a frog in a box. Why? Because dude, I like to live on the edge.



Ugh, I seriously got the heebie jeebies just editing that picture. There’s this toy store in Highland Village that has these little frogs that live in boxes JUST like this–minus the fishing ghost.

AND since Juice in the City is having a super deal today where you get $20 worth of stuff for just $10 bucks at Brilliant Sky Toys in Highland Village–dude, you know what that means? It means Frog in a Box– HALF OFF.

Okay, so they have other super fly toys at Brilliant Sky, too–oh, and whatever you do–DO NOT pick up those frogs. Last time I did that I got in so much trouble I almost got kicked out of the store.*

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I have a date with a cobra.

*This actually happened.

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  1. My cousin had one of these growing up. I remember thinking it was really cool but also thinking that pets with fur were better. When the frog died he finally got to get a dog.

  2. I asked on aardvark and this is the answer I received: Frogs and other amphibians actually breathe through their skin, as well as as any lungs that they might have (frogs are one of the groups that has lungs). Typically, most amphibians can do just fine in water all the time, but sometimes they prefer to get out of the water for various reasons. It really depends on the animal as to what it’s preferences are.

    1. Although people there don’t agree with the concept. No one can live their entire life in a box.

  3. Frogs are amphibians. I sincerely hope they are not tortured in there.

      1. @Jamie Harrington, I don’t know. If the project is going to be shut down, then I guess they’re not that okay. I doubt I would buy one, anyways. On the other hand they can get in serious trouble for animal cruelty, I doubt anyone with a sense of business would risk that.

      2. @Jamie Harrington, I wouldn’t know, I’m living in Far Far Away. But I guess you can report them. One can report anything! 😛

  4. I need to get one for my boys. My youngest LOVES frogs and both of them have been begging for another pet. Hmmmm. Thanks, Jamie, for the idea.

  5. We have one of those! I got it for my kids after we killed all our fish by neglecting to change the water every week. #worstpetownersever The frogs only need their water changed once every THREE months. Need I say more? #frogsinaboxaretheperfectpets

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