These Are The Best Alternatives To Toilet Paper

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I’m not even playing. There is no toilet paper to be had ANYWHERE. I have been to, quite literally, every store in a 50 mile radius. Everybody is OUT.

So, what’s a person to do? I mean, wiping still has to happen.

We got you, boo! Here are some GREAT alternatives to using toilet paper, when there simply isn’t any on the grocery store aisle.

An Attachable Bidet

What? Isn’t that one of those sprayer things for fancy people? Consider yourself fancy, my friend.

So, basically, a bidet attaches to your toilet, and cleans your nether regions with a spray of water. No toilet paper needed.

On Amazon, you can get a Luxe Bidet that attaches right to your toilet. You can totally set it up yourself in just minutes.

It will run you $50, and can even be used AFTER the great coronavirus incident of 2020.

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Facial Tissue

This is the route I ended up going when the toilet paper shelves were bare at my grocery store.

Good old Kleenex can be used in a pinch, in place of toilet paper. If you find it, stock up!

You can get a big ol’ pack of 27 boxes right on the Amazon website. It IS limited quantity, so get there FAST!

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Paper Towels Cut in Half or Thirds

This is a GREAT idea, but use it sparingly. Paper towels can be harsh on your plumbing, so be gentle on those poor pipes.

You can find a 24-pack of Sparkle Paper Towels right on the Amazon website.

Flushable Wipes

These are most excellent, and they are made safe for toilets. A little goes a long way here, so use them sparingly.

You can get Charmin Flushable Wipes on the Amazon website for $21.

Baby Wipes

These are also a GREAT alternative to toilet paper, but they CANNOT be flushed down your toilet. Baby wipes WILL clog your toilet, and they will have to be thrown away.

You can get a six-pack of Amazon Elements Baby Wipes right on the Amazon website for $12.50.

Courtesy of Amazon

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