11 Ways To Keep Your Pet Cool During The Summer

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It’s that time of year where the sun is just UNFORGIVING. We like to come in out of the sun, get a cool drink, and relax until we feel cool again.

It is the same for pets. They are miserable outside, but there are a few things we can do to make their summer lives outside a little better.

With a little planning, you can keep your pet happy and healthy during the blistering hot summer months.

1. Freeze the water in a drinking bowl.

We had a pup, Hershey, who LOVED to lick on ice when it was hot outside. We learned to keep several doggie bowls outside, full of frozen water.

He could lick on them as he pleased, and they would help cool him down in the hot Texas summer air.

Of course, we had to plan this out. Frozen water tends to melt pretty quickly in the heat. We had some spares in the freezer ready to go when one bowl would melt.

2. Provide shade.

Just like you need shade in the hot, hot sun, so does your pet.

We keep an open doggie kennel outside, and keep a cooling mat inside (see number 7), along with a couple frozen bottles of water (see number 8).

Don’t have a doggie kennel? No problem. Hit up Amazon for a cool selection of pet kennels.

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A tarp would also work well, secured to something that can stand up. Maybe some boxes out of your garage? You could even build a PVC frame, and secure a tarp to the top for a nice shaded area.

You can also use a foldable table to create some shade for your pet. There would be PLENTY of flow-through air, and the top would protect your furry friend from direct sun rays.

Courtesy of Amazon

3. Do not keep them on concrete.

Pet paws can get burned, just like the bottoms of your feet. Protect those toe beans the best you can.

Have somewhere for them to lay down, in the shade, that is away from hot concrete. A grassy area or a covered back porch area would be good.

4. Don’t take them in the car with you.

If you take your pet in the car with you, you will inevitably have to leave them in said car at some point.

Just like you don’t want to leave a baby in the car, you don’t want to leave a pet in the car!!

Even with the windows cracked, it can get upwards of over a hundred degrees. It is like being in a hot, steaming sauna, in the middle of the already hot summer weather.

You may love to take your pet along for the ride, but for their own safety and well being, just leave them at home during the warm months.

5. Groom your pet, but don’t shave double coated dogs.

The summer is the perfect time to treat your pet to a hair cut. Less fur means less heat.

BUT, only in SOME situations. You never want to shave a dog that has a double coat. Nature gave them this double coat to keep them warm in the winter, but also cool in the summer.

6. Fill a kiddie pool with water.

Just like your kids like to cool down in a fun kiddie pool, your pup also likes to splash around to cool off. A fun kiddie pool or splash pad will work GREAT for your pet.

Courtesy of Amazon

Looking for a GREAT pool that will work for your pet? Try this portable doggie pool that also doubles as a washing station. It is about 55 bucks, and might be the best money you spend all summer long.

Courtesy of Walmart

7. Doggie cooling dog mat.

You can place a doggie cooling mat just about anywhere. We keep one in a kennel outside, and our dog can come and go as he pleases. These mats come in varieties that you have to freeze, and they even have some that are rechargeable.


8. Freeze water bottles, and keep them in a dog cage.

For our pup, we fill water bottles about 3/4 of the way with water, stick the lid on, and freeze them. We usually do 4 at a time.

We place these 4 bottles of frozen water in the corners of his kennel, by the cooling mat. This helps give him a sort of air conditioned sanctuary in the shade.

9. Freeze treats in water for a fun cooldown.

Just like we keep frozen water in doggie bowls, we also switch it up with fun frozen treats. We take pieces of dog food or dog treats, and freeze them in blocks of water.


Then, we put the blocks of water outside, and the dog can lick and chew on the ice, until he reaches the treat. It’s fun, it keeps him cool, and he gets a reward when he’s finished.


10. Skip that daily exercise.

While exercise is good for a dog, it may not be so great in the scorching hot summer weather. Your pet will get hot, just like you do.

If you have to take them on daily walks, try doing so after the sun goes down. This will keep your pet from being subjected to those direct sun rays.

The ground will also be a whole lot cooler in the evenings. BONUS.

11. Cool bath.

If your pet gets too overheated, why not bring him in and give him a cool bath?

Just think how good it feels for you to take a cool shower when you are steaming hot. It is the same for your pet.

Remember, pets can also develop heat stroke, just like humans can. Take the simple steps it takes to keep them cooler when the sun is unforgivingly hot.

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