You Can Get A Cooling Dog Bed Just In Time For Summer and My Pup Needs It

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I’ve mentioned here before that I have a few dogs, 4 at this moment. One of those dogs is a service dog and that means she is with me nearly all of the time. She is pretty spoiled.

It gets hot here in Texas and that means I have to make sure she is safe and comfortable. This means I need to make sure she has foot protection before it gets much hotter.


It also means I need to keep a cooling dog bed for her so she stays safe from overheating.

A Cooling Dog Bed is a brilliant idea for all dog owners. Dogs can get overheated very easily. I mean, it isn’t even summer and it is already hot! This tongue is always hanging!


The K&H Cooling Bed uses a water saturated Cool Core that is inside the dog cooling mat. This absorbs the heat from your dog so that they can be more comfortable.

The size large is 32″x 44″ and blue. It helps with more than just body temperature. The cooling bed can help with hip pain, arthritis, skin conditions and more.


There isn’t a weight limit, so I am pretty sure I could get by with a large for my giant, she likes to curl up anyhow. It is made with a durable nylon/vinyl exterior which makes it easy to keep clean.

To use the Cool Bed, you simply add water. A size large bed will need 4-6 gallons. The more water you use the more it will cushion and cool your dog.

It can be used year round and only needs to be filled one time. You can add Grapefruit Seed Extract to help avoid bacterial growth. The bed is also fine to use indoors as well as outdoors.


I’ll definitely be ordering one of these to have in my living room for my giant girl to relax on. It’s also portable so I can take it with us when she will have to be outdoors relaxing during sports games and other events like festivals.


You can get the K&H Pet Products dog cooling bed on Amazon! the large size is only $46.92 & FREE Shipping!

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