People Are Using Muffin Tins to Help Plant Vegetables in the Garden

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Every spring and summer season there are subtle wars against your next door neighbors regarding who grows the tallest sunflowers and the brightest red tomatoes. 

Since eating from the garden always tastes better and fresher, how you plant your vegetables is key to an excellent garden because who says we all can’t have a green thumb this season!

Thanks to a Facebook group who call themselves the Backyard Vegetable Farmers NL, one group member shared her tip on a gardening hack that has changed the way she plants seeds.

The secret?

A muffin tin!

Yeah I said it, the very tin that makes grandma’s famous blueberry muffins can also assist you in your garden and here’s how that works.

Courtesy of @Katie Bridget

Starting with grabbing your muffin tin from the pantry, press the tin firmly in the soil to make the same design of the bakeware into your soil.

By doing this, the muffin tin creates perfectly spaced holes to plant your garden seeds and plants and nonetheless, is a fun activity for the kids to do too!

Here’s to bountiful gardens this spring and summer!

Courtesy of @Katie Bridget

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