Starbucks is Selling A Hot Pink Pumpkin Mug That’s Giving Total Pink Fall Princess Vibes

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Are you someone who loves the color pink but also loves Fall/Halloween?

If so, you may want to throw your hair up into a messy bun and make a mad dash to your local Starbucks.

PSA: Starbucks is selling a hot pink pumpkin mug that is giving total pink fall princess vibes!!

This cup as you can see, looks exactly like a little pumpkin except, it’s hot pink in color on the outside and pure black on the inside.

If you remember from last year, they had a hot pink Halloween mug and this one seems like it would match perfectly.


If you love pink and love Fall, this cup is a must- have.

It should run you around $14.95.


The official launch date of this cup is supposedly September 12, 2023 but as you may know, Starbucks locations are known for putting these cups out early so it’s entirely worth checking for now!

And in case you can’t find it in-stores, you can grab this Starbucks Hot Pink Pumpkin Mug on eBay here.

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