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This Mom’s Wedding Album Fail Is A Hilarious PSA For Anyone Ordering A Photo Book Online

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Ah, wedding pictures …

We spend thousands of dollars on wedding photos, hoping to capture that moment in time in a special way.

Then, there are the pictures taken by the wedding guests. We love to have them, and it’s even more special when the photos are put in an album for us to enjoy forever.

But, there is one thing you should know when purchasing an awesome photo album from one of those photo book services.

They do NOT delete placeholder captions when printing your photo book.

One bride on TikTok learned this hilarious lesson the hard way, when her mom bought her an album full of wedding pictures.

Each page of the album has a beautiful picture from the day of her wedding, but the captions — shall we say — don’t match the pictures.

LOL!! You have to check this out.

Oh, she did a caption. Let’s see. ‘In Good Hands. She managed to hold on to that bubble for a minute before it burst.’

The picture is a beautiful photo of her husband and his best friend. Such a sweet snapshot in time.

But, there is no girl with a bubble even remotely near the shot. LOL!!

‘A Day At The Park. We had a picnic, then walked around the park collecting pretty leaves.’

That would be a sweet photo, but it’s not the one in the photo book from her wedding.

The actual photo is obviously a picture of the bride in her gorgeous dress.

‘This might have been our favorite family trip so far.’

Hmmm. It’s actually a set of photos: One of the bride putting on her earrings, and another of the wedding party waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle.

This is totally something my mom would do! Hilarious!!

Let this be your PSA for the day:

Photo book companies don’t delete placeholder captions on the pages of the book.

You have to manually go in and change them, or they will be a part of your memories forever.

Head on over to TikTok to watch the entire video of the Wedding Photo Book Fail.

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