Walmart Is Selling $3 Nail Polish That Smells Like Taco Tuesday And Honestly, I Need It

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Hmm, this is the strangest thing I’ve come across in a bit! There is a nail polish you can get that is scented and it smells just like Tacos! For real…

It also looks like it would smell like tacos! How weird is that? I look at this color and I automatically thought of tacos. I love tacos! It also kind of reminds me of cheese dip! I also love cheese dip.

I’m not sure how someone came up with this fantastic (weird) idea, but I kind of love it! Like, I feel like I need to go grab some to try and see just how much it really does smell like a taco.


The Instagram use @kerms_nails (shown above) said she used 3 coats. She thought she wouldn’t like the color, but it is now one of her favorites. She described the scent as spicy, like it burns your nose a bit she said.

I can get behind some spiciness! I love jalapenos! This nail polish is by Sinful Colors.


Multiple Instagram users seem to absolutely love the color! The more I look at the photos the more interested I become! I can’t look at it without thinking I want a taco… Zero calories!


You can get your own “Taco Tuesday” nails with the Sinful Colors Sweet and Salty Nail Polish in Taco Tuesday.

You can find it at Walmart and it will only cost you $2.98!


The whole line is filled with sugary and savory shades, textures, and scents that are inspired by our favorite snacks and treats! What do you think about this nail polish? Would you wear it?

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